Shock Absorber Inspection


P & L Mechanical Services offer the quick and reliable method for testing shock absorbers - Monroe Shock Absorber Tester.

Want to know if it's time to replace your shock absorbers? Noticing some symptoms of a bad or failing shock absorber?

  • Vibrations while driving
  • Swerving or nose diving while braking
  • Braking takes longer to stop the car
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Leaking fluid
  • Cracked bushing at attachment points

The best way to ensure your shock absorbers are functioning at top condition, schedule Suspension and Shock Absorber inspection at P & L Mechanical - call us now or book a service online.

P & L Mechanical Repairs shock absorber inspections in Melton South

P & L Mechanical use industry standard cordless hand-held Monroe Shock Absorber Tester to determine the performance individual shock absorbers, identifying when they are worn and need to be replaced.

Immediate analysis takes minutes and provides accurate test on all four corners of the vehicle and provides a printed report.

P & L Mechanical Repairs shock absorber inspection report in Melton South

Many workshops only look for leaking shock absorbers. Since all moving parts wear, shocks are no different. The Monroe Shock Absorber Tester employs both the “rebound method" and “damping ratio”, taking out all the guesswork and offer an accurate diagnosis on your shock absorber performance.

Industry averages show that shock absorbers are replaced in 8 out of every 100 cars inspected. Sadly, many workshop averages are much lower than this, which could result in customers’ vehicles not being as safe as they could be.

To make sure your shock absorbers are in best condition, please call us now to schedule your best servicing time.

Get your shock absorbers inspected at P & L Mechanical Repairs in Melton South with Monroe Shock Absorber Inspection service

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