RWC - Roadworthy Certificates & Roadworthiness in Victoria


RWC – Certificate of Roadworthiness in Melton South

In Victoria an RWC, or Certificate of Roadworthiness, is needed before a vehicle can be sold or when it needs to be re-registered. A Licensed Vehicle Tester must check that your vehicle meets the standards set out under Regulation 220 by the Roads Corporation, or VicRoads, prior to a Certificate of Roadworthiness being issued.

Occasionally a Certificate of Roadworthiness is also needed before you can have a defect notice removed from a vehicle or it may be required as part of a required inspection for vehicles such as taxis and buses (which must undergo regular, periodic mandatory Inspections).

What does Certificate of Roadworthiness cover?

A roadworthy inspection is not a pre-purchase inspection and does not take into account the overall condition or mechanical reliability of the vehicle. Where a pre purchase inspection giving comprehensive details of the general condition or value of the vehicle is desired, you should consider arranging for a separate independent pre-purchase inspection.

It is also important to note that a Certificate of Roadworthiness does not constitute a complete assessment of a vehicle's compliance with the Standards for Registration. These standards are generally governed by the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and are often beyond the scope of a Roadworthy Inspection.

P & L Mechanical Services in Melton South are Licensed Vehicle Testers and are able to to issue Certificates of Roadworthiness for Light Vehicles and LPG Vehicles. Bring your car in to our well equipped workshop or Book a Roadworthy Inspection Online

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