Four Wheel Drive Upgrades


Don’t just trust any mechanic to upgrade your 4WD. 

Upgrades can have significant effects on other aspects of a four wheel drive if they are not correctly carried out. 
Melton 4WD Upgrades 
Changing the ride height of the four wheel drive, for example, will change the centre of gravity. This has an impact on the handling, steering and braking capabilities of the 4WD as well as the fuel economy.

Selecting the right suspension setup for your 4WD involves carefully matching the components with the way you intend to use the vehicle and needs to take into consideration the weight your vehicle will be likely to carry.
P & L Mechanical Services have the experience and knowledge to undertake 4WD upgrades which take into account these effects to maximise your enjoyment of the vehicle as well as it's safety.

They can also advise you on other aspects of 4WD upgrades such as Air Intake Snorkels, Backup Batteries and Dual charging systems, Brake upgrades/adjustments, Bullbars, Differential Breathers (front & rear differentials), Extra fuel tanks, Shock absorbers and Suspension systems 

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